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Stop services

  • essarch
  • esshttpd
  • celeryd
  • celerybeat
  • rabbitmq-server

Verify that a backup of the database exists at /ESSArch/backup

Move old installation

cd /ESSArch
mkdir old
mv config install install*.log pd old/

Install new ESSArch Preservation Platform

# su - arch
[arch@server ~]$ tar xvf ESSArch_EPP_installer-x.x.x.tar.gz
[arch@server ~]$ cd ESSArch_EPP_installer-x.x.x
[arch@server ~]$ ./install

Collect static files to be served by apache httpd

[arch@server ~]$ python $EPP/manage.py collectstatic

Upgrade database schema

[arch@server ~]$ python $EPP/manage.py migrate
SELECT table_schema, table_name, engine FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES where table_schema = ”essarch”;
    'default': {
        'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.mysql',
        'NAME': 'essarch',
        'USER': 'arkiv',
        'PASSWORD': 'password',
        'HOST': '',
        'PORT': '',
        'OPTIONS': {
           #"init_command": "SET storage_engine=MyISAM",  # MySQL (<= 5.5.2)
           "init_command": "SET default_storage_engine=MyISAM",  # MySQL (>= 5.5.3)

Add default configuration data to database

Use only this default configuration for test purpose, do not install this default configuration in production.

Note: Before running the script, compare it with the data currently in the database and see if running it is necessary

[arch@server ~]$ python $EPP/extra/install_config.py

For production/custom installation

If you have made a custom configuration you should compare your configuration with the new default configuration and see if there is anything new

[arch@server ~]$ diff $EPP/extra/install_config.py /home/arch/install_config_custom.py

If there is anything new in the default you should copy this to your custom installation file and install it

[arch@server ~]$ cp $EPP/extra/install_config.py /home/arch/install_config_custom.py
[arch@server ~]$ python /home/arch/install_config_custom.py

Compare and restore configuration files at /ESSArch/config from old directory

# diff -qr /ESSArch/config old

Start services

  • essarch
  • esshttpd
  • celeryd
  • celerybeat
  • rabbitmq-server