Running the EPP server
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Running the EPP server

Start EPP server

Note that a startup or shutdown of EPP should always be controlled.

Please run the following command as user root to start EPP.
# systemctl start celerydepp
# systemctl start celerybeatepp
# systemctl start daphneepp
# systemctl start wsworkerepp
# systemctl start esshttpd

Stop EPP server

Please run the following command as user root to stop EPP.
# systemctl stop esshttpd
# systemctl stop celerydepp
# systemctl stop celerybeatepp
# systemctl stop daphneepp
# systemctl stop wsworkerepp

Access EPP web user interface

Start your preferable web browser and connect to EPP Server name or IP address.

URL: https://xxxxxxxx

By default, for test purpose, the installation has configured the following users:

Username Password Role/Permissions
user user prepare, create, submit
admin admin admin
sysadmin sysadmin sysadmin